How to Get a Drone License in India

How to Get a Drone License in India

Drone technology has become widespread worldwide with numerous benefits that include aerial inspections, drone surveys, drone images, and drone videos, adding to its value. Some companies possess drone licenses in India, delivering their services to multiple industries such as Construction, Railways, Agriculture, and more. However, it is necessary to connect with a company that accomplishes your vision. It also needs more information to see if the appropriate drone operator is fine, so we have to look at a few components to recall before choosing an operator.

There are some Drone Regulations

It was the first-ever policy that controlled the flying of civic drones legally across the country. The drone juncture & the policies around them made startups work with drones.

Besides marking no-fly zones and requiring necessary approvals, the regulations worked with few companies, giving the authorities a clear view of all the drones in the air. The government introduced a No Permission and No Take-Off — compliance base.

With the recent updates, delivery packages in India weigh less than 3KG, making it possible for a medium drone to deliver packages like food, vaccines, medicines, and other essentials. Therefore, drones for aerial photography, search, surveys, and checkings are considered. Therefore, with the increased use of drones, the jobs for skilled drone operators or UAV pilots will expand. The ability and experience to operate a drone may be considered a desired skill.

There has been a set of strict guidelines for drone proprietors, operators, and manufacturers, by the government to assure that all drones are identified, their operators are known & have proper approvals and permissions to fly drones. Also, the company needs to register their page, fill out a form, select their preferred service and follow the entire process for Drone License. A remote pilot license will not be required to fly small to medium-sized drones of less than 3kgs for non-commercial aims.

The government has mandated that individuals train from an official DGCA-approved drone training institute in India and work for drone pilot jobs.

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