Hubblefly Technologies, a sister company of Drone Destination, received provisional acceptance for two its drone models, Staredge and Starlite, by DGCA. The company has designed and developed a range of drones for various industrial applications. It’s survey-grade drone, Staredge, has qualified for Survey of India’s Swamitva scheme and is deployed on-field since September 2022.


Our Drones are currently undergoing QCI Type-approval process. The company aims to establish a strong “Make in India ” foothold and generate large scale employment in the fast-growing UAV Industry.

Our Drones at a glance

DronePurposePayloadEnduranceRange / CoverageCategory / Class
Star GuruTrainingNone50 Min2 KmSmall, Multirotor
Star Edge Survey & Mapping24 MP RGB Camera45 Min 0.8-1 sqkm / FlightSmall, Multirotor
Sky StarSurvey & Mapping24 MP RGB Camera75 Min 5 sqkm / FlightSmall, Hybrid VTOL
AgristarAgri Spray10 Litre Spray Tank15-20 Min 2.5 acre / FlightSmall, Multirotor
Agri MapperPrecision AgricultureMultispectral Camera45 Min 0.8-1 sqkm / FlightSmall, Multirotor
Star eyeSurveillance & Monitoring 10x Zoom
3-axis Gimbal
60 Min 6 KmSmall, Multirotor
Laser Star3-D MappingLidar + RGB60 Min 3 KmSmall, Multirotor

To inquire more about our drones, email us at support@thedronedestination.com, info@hubblefly.com


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