An aerial-perspective can be a game changer when shooting on the ground is not enough or during live, stealth surveillance and monitoring operations. Our drone’s flight capabilities, small size and ability to withstand harsh environments complemented with a first-person view enables the best output for your business needs. By replacing planes and helicopters for wide-space filming, you are also helping the environment with lesser carbon emissions as well as reducing infrastructure costs.

Our aerial cinematography service portfolio includes

  • Panoramic filming with advanced-zoom capabilities and clear vision
  • Follow-Me technology to shoot high-octane chase scenes in films and advertisements
  • Monitoring of large crowds, protests or even individuals to ensure public safety
  • Eclectic surveillance solutions across traffic management, illegal activity tracking, border and coastal surveillance, anti-terror operations and much more.
  • Search and rescue operations

We provide real-time insight into security and emergency situations for better control, precise intelligence gathering, comprehensive situational awareness, and more informed decision making. Film & Media industry, Security & Disaster Management professionals, along with Forest & Wildlife departments have been predominant users of our aerial cinematography services.

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