Power plants consists of many different buildings, equipment and systems that all need to be function properly for the plant to be efficient. Our drone-powered inspections overcome high costs and longer down times associated with setting up scaffolding for physical inspections.

Infrastructure Inspection:

High-altitude Chimney & Mast inspections:
Drone inspection enables a quick and cost-conscious inspection of chimneys revealing details of damages like corrosion areas and cracks in the concrete, enabling immediate action.

Boiler & Fuel-Storage Tank Inspection:
Our LED lamp equipped drones ensure high quality pictures within the dark confined spaces such as boiler and fuel tanks.

Building & Rooftop Inspection:
Detection of faults or defects with the help of still images and video recordings assists in documentation of material damages after a storm or accident.

Leak Inspection:
Equipped with thermographic camera, our drones can inspect underground district heating pipelines and pin out potential leaks.

Security and Emergency Response:

Intrusion alerts and Encroachment Detection

Safety procedures & Evacuation Monitoring

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