Mining companies are continuously looking for modern technologies to improve productivity, enhance safety, optimize operational efficiency and increase margins. Keeping sustainability, environmental and workforce safety at the forefront, the industry is evolving toward replacing manual inspections with the use of Drones. The speed and agility offered by our drones sets them apart from conventional aircraft and standard data collection methods.

Our industrial-grade, drone system provides surveyors and mining professionals with critical information in the following areas:

  • Stockpile volumes and end-of-month reconciliation
  • Terrain mapping and change detection
  • Asset management and scheduling
  • Situational awareness and emergency response
  • Infrastructure and equipment inspection
  • Security and surveillance

The information received is then plugged into our GIS software for further analysis and evaluation. Outputs such as professional-quality maps and 3D models empower you to instantly calculate aggregate volumes, keep track of equipment locations and monitor safety environmental compliance.

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