The Film & Media industry has been an early-adopter of the drone-technology. A vast number of featured films have been shot using drones. For instance, the opening motorcycle sequence of the recent James Bond film “Skyfall” was filmed by a drone. A drone was also used to capture the frenetic energy of a party scene in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Our media & entertainment portfolio offers:

Filming Movies and Television Serials: 4K HD, panoramic filming with advanced-zoom capabilities, along with the capability to switch optical payloads, gives you the freedom to capture stunning panoramas and action sequences while sitting on the movie sets.

Journalism: With the help of “follow-me” technology and live monitoring solutions, we can help a new media story come to life by equipping the journalists with the access to prohibited areas and cover the action in real time.

Swarm Entertainment: Entertainers of all kinds are beginning to incorporate drones into the showmanship of their performances. We provide a fleet of mini drones equipped with programmable lights for grand outdoor shows. With a pre-programmed drone motion or customized 3D image/logo, autonomous drone swarm motions can create synchronized scenery in the sky, creating an unforgettable light-show experience in the sky.

We are also open to new, scientific, artistic, creative and crazy ideas. Let us help you visualize your dreams!

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